California Surf Tours logoEvery California Surf Tour is a unique experience.  Swells, tides, wind, crowds, and other factors determine how each tour will evolve.  We want you to get the best waves with the least amount of surfers.  Of course, there are some surfspots that you may want to surf, and we’ll be sure to get you in the water at places like Trestles, Huntington Beach, Malibu, Rincon, and the Lane.

Each tour is broken into surf areas.  The surf areas are:
– SoCal – includes San Diego – Orange County – Los Angeles
– CentralCal – includes Ventura – Santa Barbara – San Luis Obispo
– NorCal – includes Santa Cruz – San Francisco – and beyond

SoCal copySoCal Surf Tour
The Southern California Surf Tour (SoCal) is appealing to most surfers because of the sheer number of surfspots, accessibility, warmer water and weather.
San Diego – Orange County – Los Angeles

CentralCal copyCentralCal Surf Tour
The Central California Surf Tour is for a traveling surfer that has more time (as it is not as easily accessed from major metropolitan areas), doesn’t mind colder water, and has a stronger sense of exploration than average.
Ventura – Santa Barbara – San Luis Obispo

norcal copyNorCal Surf Tour
The Northern California Surf Tour (NorCal) is the perfect option for surfers traveling to San Francisco. Some of the most consistent and largest surf can be found here.  A surfer’s paradise in terms of wave quality and diversity of surf spots.
Santa Cruz – San Francisco – and beyond

Maybe you want to surf one, two or all of the areas.  Right on, we have a surf tour to satisfy your salty thirst.

50/50 Surf Tour
The 50/50 Surf Tour will get you to two of the surf areas.

AllCal Surf Tour
The AllCal Surf Tour is the longest tour (1 week +) and will ensure you surf in all three surf areas.

for surfers looking for a unique experience on their travels to surf in California