California Surf Tours logoFrequently Asked Questions

1. Can I reserve a date(s) for my surf tour?
Tour dates can be reserved by contacting us.  We recommend planning 30 days in advance.

2. What is the minimum/maximum number of guests allowed on a surf tour?
Tours can be planned for 1-4 people.  We prefer to keep the number of guests limited to 4 in order to maximize the surfing experience.  If you have a larger group, please contact us to discuss options.

3. How do I pay for the surf tour?
We accept all major credit cards, PayPal and wire transfer.  Deposits are required.

4. Is it possible to visit a specific surfspot?
Yes.  If you want to visit a specific surfspot that you’ve dreamed about ripping, please let us know.

5. What is the water temperature in California?
The water temperature (54-74 F, 12-23 C) varies throughout the year as well as in the different surf areas.  A wetsuit is recommended for all surf tours (except SoCal Surf Tour in summer).

6. What can I expect in terms of surf?
Surf and waves vary (from knee high to double overhead) depending on the swell, tides, wind, and more.  Generally, winter is larger and more consistent.  Surfline.com and other resources can provide more data on forecast surf conditions during your surf tour.  Of course, we will provide a detailed forecast as well.

7. Can I customize my tour?
Yes, your surf tour can be customized.  Tours focus on specific surf areas (SoCal, CentralCal, and NorCal) or a combination.  Please contact us to discuss your ideal surf tour.

8. What are the accommodations like?
We stay in comfortable hotels near surfspots, camp at state parks, stay with friends, and sleep in the VW Eurovan.  The decision is left to you, and we will facilitate the best option.

9. Do you have recommendations for non-surfing activities?
Certainly.  California is an amazing place.  If you like to visit outdoor parks, we have Yosemite, the Sierras, Big Sur, the Redwoods, and more.  If you like glitz and glamour, we have Hollywood, LA, San Francisco, and San Diego.  If you are visiting with your family, we have amusement parks like Disneyland, Magic Mountain, Sea World, and Universal Studios.

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