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John Olinger at Windansea

John Olinger at Windansea

Founded by John Olinger, a lifelong surfer, California Surf Tours is a way for traveling surfers to get an inside perspective and guidance so they can make the most of their trip.

John has traveled and surfed all around the world, but he calls California home. Born and raised in the South Bay area of Los Angeles, he spent his youth driving around Southern California looking for surf. John continued his California surf exploration while attending college at Santa Clara University.

Spare time was often spent in Santa Cruz and nearby areas.  During school vacations for holidays, John would drive up and down the California coast visiting friends along the way in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo.

Finally, John moved to San Diego in 1996, living in and around the beach areas (Mission Beach, Pacific Beach, Windansea, and Ocean Beach).

As a seasoned surf traveler himself, John has experienced varying degrees of local knowledge based on a variety of factors (public info, friends, books/maps, websites, etc.) Yet, the one truth about surfing in new area is that you will never know as much about that spot as the locals.

California Surf Tours helps you surf like a local.

for surfers looking for a unique experience on their travels to surf in California